Before And After: Gaining Weight vs. Losing It

4 years ago, I do and happily ever after were in the making but first we neede to look good for the wedding. Hubby and I decided to start running; It sounded like the right thing to do. A month in, it was going great. I could tell my stamina had improved and I loved it. It was weight in day, and we could not have been more excited to get bragging rights for who lost the most weight. I hopped on the scale and to my surprise I had gained weight. WTH!

Then just Last week, I was totally bored with the gym and stair master so I asked hubby if he would start running again. He agreed and each morning since, we would head out for a quick 30-45 minute run before we started the day. As we wrapped up this morning, I hopped on the scale and as expected, I was few pounds down.

So what was the difference? Why did I try 4 years ago and gain weight, but in a week now, I’m a few pounds down? Was it Muscle gains? Or Water weight? Or??? See muscle weight is everyone’s best excuse. It’s the little hug you give yourself after the scale gives you a slap in the face. For most people though, it’s simple. We simply eat more when we start working out. And many times we eat even more than we burned in the workout and hence weight gain.  So here are tips to avoid that

  • Log your exercises. Pay attention to how many calories you actually burn and how long you worked out for. There are so many apps that will let you do that. This way you don’t overestimate your workout and in turn eat even more than your workout
  • Don’t eat back the calories you burned: If your goal is to lose weight, then keep your food intake consistent even on days that you work out. Be careful not to over eat because you are more likely to eat more on days you work out
  • Pick a time to weigh in and stick with it! Your weight varies for different reasons through out the day. So compare apples to apples by picking a convenient time to check your weight. I recommend doing so once a week to get a good feel for your progress

You got this. Start today and watch your results pile up. There is nothing more amazing than living a healthy lifestyle and loving the body you are in. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Leave a comment below:)

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