Ferragamo Life

“So Moren, why are you doing this? What is your motivation? Do you even have anything that you are trying to lose?” Lisa asked me jokingly. In my mind, this was my chance to help Lisa understand what I was trying to accomplish. She is pregnant and due any moment so the last thing on her mind was trying to eat right.

Anyway, Optimistic me, I jumped right in. “You see this is the first time that I have ever worked out and my focus has not been my body. I really was just at a point where I wanted to get fit and healthy. There were many little things like struggling to keep up with friends in New York City that made me realize I needed to do something. So I am doing a lot of research and trying to understand my body so I can get healthy and sustain it”
Ferragamo Life

Bam! That just had to make sense to her. She had to get where I was coming from. As soon as I am done speaking, Lisa turns to Karen “Ahh! Did you hear that Ferragamo answer!” Then she imitates me “All these other people are just trying to lose weight but me I am trying to get fit and healthy” “Ahh! Moren I like it, I like it. This Ferragamo life” Lmao! Ferragamo life though? She could not have been any more sarcastic as she joked about my “fancy” response.

But truth is if wanting a nice body was motivation enough, then every last one of us would have 6 packs and the whole 9 yards. For some people it is indeed enough but it seems to me like most people need more important reasons to get in shape. For me this has helped me think of building a sustainable lifestyle and amazingly enough my physique just seems to be on board. Think about why you want to be fit. Yes the nice body is definitely on the list but won’t it just be nice to walk up a flight of stairs in peace?  Take some time to figure it out and let’s be about this Ferragamo life!

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3 thoughts on “Ferragamo Life

  1. Folake aina

    Wow! I’m loving it. Actually I am at that place where I’m eating right and off carbonated drinks. I have this juicer I got from shoprite and I make my own juices , use the pulp for smoothies. But somehow I believe I should be doing better. Well I kinda knew what to do but thought I could skip exercise. So now I’m back in the routine to take care of the muscles. Thanks Moren. Looking forward to the next blog

  2. Kristi

    I love all of the useful information and inspiration! You are doing great and motivating many!! Thanks!! Keep it going!!

  3. Black

    After going through your blog, I thought of saying something to bring you down (since I did read that post as well, but the truth is, you are doing what’s necessary. With how you stated the blog, your chances at success is exponentially increased with the more support you acquire. Keep moving forward. Getting fit isn’t just something to do but a lifestyle. You are definitely making those strides.


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