Food-Let’s speak English

I was doing some research on balanced diets and honestly my heart just started racing as I read different articles. “Must it be this complex? “ I thought. The good news is that they all aligned with the fact that fats and carbs are used for energy and proteins for muscle repair. Vegetables are high in nutrients that help fight diseases and build healthy cells.  When it comes to fruits, all I know now is that I love them and like we all know “fruits are good for you”.  Don’t judge me… I’m still learning 🙂

Food lets speak english

This week, I will be putting up what I learn on different types of food. We’ll go through them in parts and try to make sense of the confusing theories: Good carbs, bad carbs, good fats, bad fats, cholesterol and it goes on. Now, don’t feel the need to empty your fridge and replace it with stuff from the posts.  Just read and learn. What you will find is that because of the knowledge you attain you will begin to make better choices. When you decide to add or remove something from your current diet it will just make sense. These are the decisions that are sustainable.

Again the reason I am doing this is just to learn to make better decisions for myself. I refuse to stop everything I am currently doing in my life and pick up all kinds of restrictions on what I can and cannot eat. I am still all about making decisions that I can sustain. In 5 years, I want to still be growing from the things I learn now rather than making rash decisions now and getting over them in a few months. Don’t make this a crash diet, make it a lifestyle change!

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