Go Big Or Go Home

So a hundred day fast! Sold! To the pretty lady with small eyes and thick lips… Yes, I’m talking about me. Questions??.. Didn’t think so. Lol. I was sold, a 100 days, it would be worth very second. It couldn’t be that bad, I had fasted many times in my life, this was just a huge extension and the first time I had been fitness conscious… So I had a plan

To prevent my body from going into starvation mode, I figured I just needed to trick it. So when I broke my fast at 6, I would just try to eat my days worth of 1500 calories in the 6 hours I had before my fast started over. It was genius!

So 6:00pm sharp, on day 1. I was ready. “This is the life!”.1500 calories needed to be eaten and I was the right lady for the job. Go big or go home! Think it, and I ate it. If my eyes saw it, my lips tasted it. Rice, chicken, turkey, waffles, ice cream. Honestly God could have just struck me down right there for gluttony. Lol. The portions were not bad but I just kept eating to reach my goal


By the time I was ready for bed, I felt victorious. I had kicked some major food-butt. All these thoughts while I ignored the food I could feel sitting in my throat.

I got in bed, and the battle began. I tossed, turned, stretched, twisted and moved all night in the name of trying to get the food to move down but it just took it’s time. I barely slept and by morning I was so uncomfortable and bloated. Definitely not what I was expecting. I thought my body would respond positively to food since it had none all day and would even get a chance to save some for the next day.

So I took to the books. Apparently, your body needs up to a few hours to pass food through the digestive system. It seems to me like it only works in real time. So even if it was so hungry hours ago and gave me the impression I could eat a house, in this moment it did not count. 

In the digestive process it breaks the food down into smaller units that can be absorbed by the body. It uses what it needs, gets rid of waste and stores the rest. It also releases gas during the process which was responsible for the bloated feeling.

That night, since so much food kept coming, each particle had to wait its turn to go through the process. I also realized that I was not involved in any activity that caused an immediate demand for energy so there was no additional outlet to use up some of the food energy it was getting. 


I learned the hard way, you can’t make up for time lost in your body. You have to give it your best every moment. The reason it’s a fast is because it’s a sacrifice but as I dug deep, I had a revision to my plan for the following days:) stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Go Big Or Go Home

  1. Kristi

    I do not think you are the only person who did this, hahaha! I was so sick that night. I also asked God to forgive me for my gluttony. Lesson learned!!

  2. Sayo C.

    That Disneyworld Turkey is impossible in the best possible way. Look forwrd to reading the revision. Go Moren!


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