From Home With Love- Food timetable and more!

To start from home with love, I made a food time table which was not so tough since I used meals that I usually eat. The challenging part was creating the calorie count table for the ingredients I planned to use for each meal. It was nice to put in the work that Sunday night and not worry about it. The only thing I did during the week was adjust the ingredient quanties for Ife. My calorie goal is 1500 and Ife’s is about 1900.

The food time table was the plan I had made for me, The calorie counts tables following where the actuals during the week. Some meals changed just because we felt like it. :).You’ll notice that some days were either a little more or less than the target. The calorie counts are estimates from myfitness pal and on the days that we were too low, I added something extra but this was the skeleton for the week. 

Since the FHWL week, I have continued to cook more at home but the schedule has been more flexible. I now eat home cooked meals majority of the time and the most exciting thing has been finishing food! lol. I was so hyped when I finished a pack of turkey bacon.. finished all the white rice I cooked(used some for fried rice), and threw out an empty bag of grapes. I can keep going but all of those would usually have ended up in the trash! Feel free to try any of these but make it yours. Think of what makes the most sense for you and tweak it accordingly. Enjoy

Food Time Table- Click for full pictureActual Food time table

Moren’s Calorie Count- Click for full picture

Food time table calorie count pic

Ife’s Calorie Count– Click for full picture

Food time table

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8 thoughts on “From Home With Love- Food timetable and more!

  1. Dianne

    That’s a great timetable! Wish I could eat like that. I’m at a stage now where I eat large full plates of rice and spaghetti. I eat a whole lot of pounded yam as well(love yam!). I wouldn’t even be able to eat just a two slice sandwich for lunch and it would satisfy me. How you do you make that transition though, from large heavy meals to light healthy ones. I’ve tried but it’s quite difficult and I always end up increasing my portions over time lol. Help Moren! Any recommendations? 🙂

  2. Real_makkoy Post author

    Hey Diane! Hope you are doing great. Changing your portions is a challenge that most people have, so I recommend counting calories to understand what you are eating.
    I use my fitness pal app which gives me a daily calorie goal and I started logging my meals in it. For starters, I don’t recommend changing what or when you eat.. just how much. dish your regular portions but measure them!
    Calories measure the amount of energy in a food and your daily calorie limit is the energy your body needs in that day. When you understand tthat you are eat 3-4 times what your body really needs, it will be easier to start making adjustments. but only make slow changes as they make sense to you.
    That was how I started and some of the correct portions looked ridiculous! But with time I started to feel that it was all I really needed and I was overdoing it before. Hope that helps.

  3. Dianne

    So I haven’t exactly started counting calories yet…but I went to the grocery store 2 days ago and got some brown rice n veggies( carrots, broccoli, peas, corn, spinach, lettuce and so on), high fibre cereal n oatmeal. So instead of cooking a large plate of white rice, I boiled a very small amount brown rice and mixed in some fresh veggies. Have to admit I wasn’t sure if I was gonna enjoy it but i love cooking so I gave it a shot and to my surprise it tasted great! Even more surprising, i was satisfied! So I’m gonna try out the healthier diet option to see where it takes me. Will keep you posted 🙂

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