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My aunt called me like “Moren, Love the blog. I want to be ripped, sculpted! Let’s do this” I was glad to hear those words when I asked her if she got the app… “Umm… From where?” 2 hours later, the same thing happened as I spoke to my friend. His response, “I did see it on the blog! What’s it called again??” 

Later that day, I was at the mall with my sis. As we walked by a water fountain, she pushed the button and kept walking. Confused, I looked at her and she laughs hard “It said push! It didn’t say drink!” Times like this I am embarrassed to say I could have done that. What I was really going to say was “times like this I want to disown her” but I figured my mum would probably read this and give me a call. Lol

push and drin01

As soon as she said that though, a light bulb went off in my head. May be my awesome readers just want to see “drink”… Well today is your lucky day!

So for android phones it’s in the Playstore and apple users, your App store. Search for “My fitness pal” and download it. When you open it, it will ask you questions: current weight, target weight and some others. Don’t try to disappear when you select your target weight, be realistic. Based on this you will get a calorie target. And you are set.

      push and drin1push and drin2

Begin logging what you eat. Don’t do anything drastic like change what or when you eat. Just start paying attention to how much you eat. Google unit conversions if the ones on the app don’t make sense to you and log your best guess. Try to stay on your calorie goal, not too little or too much. And no, I don’t have shares in My Fitness Pal. It has just worked great for me and its free 🙂

Remember that a calorie is just a measure of how much energy is in a food and that if the calories eaten are less than the calories the body burns, it scores a better looking you. Food is the most crucial part of how we look so I saw no results until I started paying attention to it. It was rough the first few days and I got frustrated but continued to “try again”. That phase passed and soon I was able recognize how much food was enough. Let’s do this!

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