About Makkoy

Makkoy is a  fitness coaching service that helps you reach your goals with ease and sustain it. We do not make you cut out any foods, exercise at a particular time/way or any other drastic measures. Instead, it is a lifestyle change so all changes are driven by you and are based on personal lessons learned during our programs. Makkoy is based on knowledge empowerment and recognizes that people genuinely want to get fit, but have limited understanding of how to do it. For most, the media is the main source of information but it is usually driven by marketing schemes with ulterior motives. Understanding how your body works gives you control of your fitness. To take control of your fitness, checkout the Ignition program

Our Mission

To empower our clients to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with focused efforts and visible results. Irrespective of our company size, we will not become an exploitating marketing scheme.

Our Founder

Makkoy is an Electrical Engineer who got sick and tired of being sick and tired. She realized she was unhappy with her fitness level but was disappointed when she tried everything from “eating healthy”, to juicing, and extended gym hours and saw no sustainable results. After so many failed efforts, the engineer decided to take her fitness into her own hands.

moren beforeafter

Learning & researching the body plus becoming a certified fitness instructor, she discovered fitness is REALLY not as complicated as the fitness industry makes it seem. It requires effort and commitment but it is simple so she dedicated herself to helping others understand the reality and founded Makkoy to do so.



Moren got pregnant in 2015 and had a precious baby boy. She gained 60 lbs during her pregnancy! This experience made her even more aware of the challenges that mums go through. From watching your body develop into something you don’t recognize to holding the most precious gift ever then having to journey through self rediscovery. She began Makkoy ignition program and successfully lost all 60 lbs that she gained in pregnancy. Understanding that the body follows very basic principles, she got back her pre-baby body.  Now Moren is passionate about helping every mum rediscover herself and get their body back!

3 months after baby was born

Before Pregnancy(Blue) vs After Baby(White). Dare I say After is better? :)

Before Pregnancy(Blue) vs After Baby(White). Dare I say After is better? 🙂