Makkoy Ignition Program

Lose Weight In 6 Weeks •• Eat Foods You Enjoy •• Workout As You Please •• Eliminate Fitness Myths  •• Learn Your Body.

The Makkoy Ignition program is a 6 week fitness program designed to kick start  your fitness journey and help you reach your fitness goals with ease. It is renowned for:

  • Knowledge Empowerment
  • Exercise training
  • Food Dissection

The ignition program is a journey of physical self-actualization and teaches you the skills and techniques personalized to you that will last a lifetime. Contact us to begin your fitness journey!



  1. Free Fitness Diagnostic– Get a clear understanding of your current fitness level and goals. This information is used to design your personalized Ignition program.
  2. Lifestyle Coaching Sessions– Weekly 1 on 1 sessions to educate you on vital aspects of fitness. Information is streamlined and tailored to you. This is a key success driver because it empowers you to build YOUR sustainable lifestyle based on how your body really works.
  3. Weekly Goals– The program is broken down into phases. Each week, simple goals are set to help you progress in your journey with ease. They are designed for you to experience each phase and observe/learn how your body responds so that you make insightful changes that are practical.
  4. Food Dissection – Your coach monitors your food daily. You make all meal choices, but your coach will help you recognize patterns and teach you how to make better food choices. We do not restrict foods options, instead you make changes because they make sense to you.
  5. Exercise Training– Your coach teaches you how to pick safe and effective exercises to reach your goal. We do not dictate when or how you workout, Instead we teach you “why” and work with you to determine what works best for you.
  6. Unlimited Consulting – Your coach takes personal ownership of your fitness goals and teams up with you to help reach them. So you can call, text or email at ANY time with needs, questions or comments. He/She is your support system and will do all it takes to help you succeed.


  1. Support from your coach and realistic goal setting
  2. Evaluation of your current fitness level which serves as a baseline from which to progress
  3. Preparation of your personalized Ignition program
  4. Simple implementation of the program. Learn fitness components and overcome real life obstacles through team work with your coach
  5. Evaluation of your progress and program adjustments as necessary