Makkoy Sustain Program

Makkoy Sustain Program

The Sustain program offers continued support to Makkoy clients who have completed the Ignition program. This is an optional service for clients who have a clear understanding of how their body works, how to get the results they want and are now confident that they are in total control of their fitness. The sustain program offers weekly check-in sessions with your coach, weekly challenges that are personalized and help to keep your fitness journey exciting and effective.



  1. Daily food monitoring- Your fitness coach continues to monitor your food daily to provide accountability and direction as needed
  2. Lifestyle Coaching Sessions– Weekly 1 on 1 sessions to address any obstacles or struggles you are experiencing. Also an opportunity to get questions answered and develop plans that cater to your current situation. These include changes in work schedules, fasting, Travel and more. Your coaching sessions are personalized and streamlined for you.
  3. Weekly Challenges– Weekly challenges are set to help add excitement to your workout routine and gain incremental fitness results. The challenges are also directly tailored to you and your preferences.
  4. Unlimited Consulting – Your coach continues to take personal ownership of your fitness goals and teams up with you to help reach them. So you can call, text or email at ANY time with needs, questions or comments. He/She is your support system and will do all it takes to help you succeed.



  • Month to Month Subscription: You have the flexibility to determine the duration of the program. The goal is to provide support until client reaches their fitness goal and feels confident in their ability to sustain it
  • Continuation from Ignition Program: Because your fitness results are based on the decisions you make daily, it is crucial that we don’t lose the benefits gained from the 6 weeks of the Ignition Program. Thus, the Sustain program is recommend to begin upon completion of the Makkoy Ignition Program. For clients who choose to begin more than 3 weeks after the completion of the ignition program, there will be an enrollment fee charged