Too Personal For A Real Title – Alcohol

“Hey Darling, which 419 did you do to make your waist that small” My mum laughed as she talked to me on the phone. She had seen a workout video I posted on my IG page. I laughed so hard “Mummy! You are not ready for this body!”. She laughed even harder… “You look so good darling, I trust Makkoy”

You see, her reaction only made sense. We had spent some time together in NY only a month ago and in the right clothes you couldn’t tell but my extra lbs were reeaal. See, the last 4 months had been so stressful. Between work, business and my insane nanny, my plate was full. I should honestly dedicate a post to that nanny, smh… Story for another day!

It was crazy how those months flew by. Ever so often, I would step on the scale and think “Danm”. It was never surprising and I knew better than to freak out about it. The steps to get back on track were basic and simple but quite frankly, I didn’t feel like it and I stumbled onto a way to manage my stress. Many of those nights, I thought God bless the place this wine was made. Do you know how much easier it is to lay in bed watching a show/movie, with a glass of wine compared to going to go get a workout in??? I would be super relaxed, unbothered by my to-do list temporarily, then sleep well.

It wasn’t till I walked into that doctor’s appointment that I had my moment. Typically, doctors check my blood pressure and say “Wow, strong heartbeat, are you an athlete?” Then they tell me my blood pressure is great. This day though, she told me I had a strong heartbeat but that my blood pressure was borderline. “Borderline? Do you know who my daddy is? Please check this something again” was what I wish I said. Instead, we finished the appointment and on my drive home I pondered on what was affecting my BP.

You see, I get it. Life gets stressful. Sometimes it is just way too many moving pieces that you are barely able to balance things long enough to maintain sanity. For me, work and business was good stress. I was learning so much and getting pushed totally out of my comfort zone. It was good but it didn’t make it any easier to manage. I knew I wanted to get back on track and though somewhere in my head, I knew working out would help me manage things better, it wasn’t convincing enough.

So I gave myself a small goal- 3 30 minute workouts for 2 weeks straight regardless of how I feel. The first few times were painful. I would drag myself to get dressed then every second of the 30 minutes felt like 3 hours. I would distract myself with music or a show… whatever to get through those 30 minutes. Then like I knew it would, by the 2nd week it started feeling good again. I felt AWESOME. My days just seemed so much easier to manage. I didn’t need a glass of wine to relax and matter of fact, decided I didn’t need to have any at all at home.

In that time, I learned how dangerous alcohol is. I could see how easily it could become a crutch and how it could become a habit without even noticing. No one ever plans to be an alcoholic so If you find yourself drinking alone to manage stress and emotions, you need to do something about it now. Not just for moral reasons but because it is slowly affecting your health and it will age you. Exercise will ALWAYS help you manage your stress by releasing endorphins (Feel good hormones). Plus clothes fit better, you look great too and your confidence just sky rockets. Win Win! It won’t be the easiest or most convenient option but it would be your best.

This was tough to write… but someone needs to see it. Have a fabulous weekend

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