Fitness Programs

Makkoy has 3 program offerings to accommodate your needs and help you reach your fitness goals. All client meetings are virtual to offer the flexibility and convenience required to cater to your busy schedule.

Makkoy Ignition Program

The Ignition program offers personalized fitness coaching. All coaching sessions and connects are 1 on 1 with your fitness coach. Program start dates are flexible and online weekly meetings are also scheduled at your convenience to fit your busy schedule. Your fitness coach becomes your support system and partners with you to help you reach your fitness goals. For more details Click Here


Makkoy Sustain Program

The Sustain program offers continued support to Makkoy clients who have completed the Ignition program. This is an option service for clients who have a clear understanding of how their body works, how to get the results they want and are now confident that they are in total control of their fitness. The sustain program offers weekly check-in sessions with your coach, weekly challenges that are personalized and help to keep your fitness journey exciting and effective. For more details Click Here

Makkoy Group Activation Program (GAP) :

The Makkoy GAP offers group fitness coaching. Program start dates are fixed and meeting times are preset for Wednesdays at 9:00pm CST. A major advantage of the GAP is  you gain community support since everyone works together on their fitness journey. There is friendly competition and peer motivation so everyone feels encouraged to succeed during the program. For more details Click Here