Let me pay for your trainer

Ok calm down I am not sending anyone any checks! Haha. I have mentioned several times that I have a personal trainer now. Her name is Lindsey and I see her 2ce a week for 30 minute sessions. I have to be honest, initially I thought it was exactly what I needed to change everything. In my mind I was going to pay for a trainer, show up for every session and be on some Halle berry type stuff in a couple months.

Hey! A girl can dream. You see Lindsey is pretty awesome but I can see how she could have clients that see her for 2 months and look exactly the same after. My fitness level and appearance are based on the decisions I make 24/7. So she wouldn’t be able to save me in the 1hr I give her a week.

Instead what Lindsey brings to the table is a very important skill- Match making. She teaches me exercises that target specific muscle groups and pairs them up effectively. Each session focuses on Upper body, lower body or core(mid-section).  Sometimes she pairs core with upper body or lower body. There are usually 3-5 exercises per session. We do 15 reps of each exercise before moving to the next one. After completing a set of all the exercises, we start over until I have completed 3 or 4 sets.

So what am I saying? It is great to have someone to be accountable to at least 2ce a week but more importantly it is great to learn how to train my muscles effectively. With permission from Lindsey I will begin putting up the workouts I learn from my sessions so you can learn them, do them and save the money you would otherwise need for a trainer!

Remember that fitness is a lifestyle and what you eat is still the biggest part of how you look. So continue to pay attention to what you eat as you start or continue working out. Strength training is responsible for  the “texture” of your skin (firm or loose) so you need this piece of the puzzle as well. It’s not easy but the results are so worth it! Feeling good and eventually looking good. Let’s do this!

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