Let’s do this!

I was trying to fix my website. There were little things I wanted to change but I did not fully understand the website builder. For a few days I had also wondered why I had not seen any guestbook entries. As I played around with it, I found out that I had actually gotten a few. Apparently unless I changed the settings, the posts had to be approved before they got posted on the website.

There were 6 messages and after approving them, I stopped to actually read each one. Right among them was the message that made my day. The guest name was “Nonoo” and the message was “ok, I hope this does not flop :-/”  My first reaction was a chuckle, delete… and the next was “Let’s do this!!!”

Lets do this

You see; whenever you set out to do anything, for every 5 people cheering you on, there is 1 waiting for you to fail (Totally made up that statistic!) But seriously, appreciate the compliments and let the challenges propel you even further than you can imagine. In this fitness journey wherever the discouragement is coming from… Be challenged. Sometimes a challenge is just the push you need to refocus and be successful. So get up and let’s do this!

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