Never Again!

Never again!

I was on the phone with my mum, one of the most amazing people in the world! As we chatted away, I mentioned to her that I went roller blading in my neighborhood and went on about how it was the most fun work out ever!

She burst out laughing then took me way back. I must have been 12 and my folks had just gotten us new roller blades. We were home in Lagos when Mum asked me to teach her how to roller blade. I pulled out my older brothers blades and put them on for her. “Mum, just glide left and right like this”.

She started slow but soon she seemed comfortable. “Mum, you’re doing great. Let’s go on to the street… The road is smoother”.  She laughed it off and asked that we continued in the house.


Not long after, it seemed like one second she was standing tall and the next I heard a huge boom! then I saw her flat on her back. My heart dropped to my stomach! What had I done? I jumped to her, helped her up and took her into the house. She spent hours with ice to her head and that was her last time on a pair of roller blades.

It wasn’t funny that day, but as we talked about it, it was hilarious! Mumc kept repeating “Thank Jesus, I didn’t listen to you.. Mummy go to the street.. How would I have explained what I was doing to strangers as they helped me up” lmao “Never again!”

I laughed so hard on the phone as Ife clearly judged me.. Probably something to do with how wide my mouth was open and how dramatic my laugh was ( but who noticed. Lol) I got off the phone and kept replaying the conversation in my head when I realized that so many people experience that fall in their fitness journey and find themselves thinking “Never again!”

Many times it’s more than just one sport/hobby. Sometimes it’s that insane diet or the impossible workout or keeping up with the joneses. It lasts for some time but when we don’t see results we are discouraged and choose to quit.

If you already had that fall, let’s refresh and if you haven’t, let’s avoid it. Get an understanding on how the body really works and make small changes based on facts then grow from there. It doesn’t make the process easy or effortless, but it makes it more sustainable. The more I learn about the body, I realize it really isn’t that complicated. Focus on a lifestyle not a crash diet. Let’s do this!

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