Workout Session 2

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4 thoughts on “Workout Session 2

  1. Dianne

    Wow! Obviously I am nowhere near this stage. It seems like it’s so easy for you to lift yourself (or maybe it just looks easy) . I can’t do most of these exercises cause I actually find it hard to lift myself. Does it get easier? I’m working on weight-loss actually and stomach fat reduction mostly. What kind of exercises do you think will work for me. I’m kind of heavy on my upper body so I don’t enjoy running or jogging that much (especially in public). Do you have a recommended routine I can follow to achieve results? 🙂

  2. Real_makkoy Post author

    Hey Diane,
    It definitely just looks easy! I still have to push myself to do most/all the exercises but I have seen great improvements in my strength and stamina. I would definitely suggest giving the exercises your best shot and It is also very ok to take breaks in between( I do that all the time). So don’t fatigue your muscles but challenge them. Also I would recommend doing cardio exercises as well. It will help burn calories and build your stamina. Since you don’t like running, you can try workout videos that you can do in the privacy of your home or something along those lines that suites your taste. Hope that helps. I will be putting up a video post addressing how easy it really is 😉 I know many people have the same question, so thanks for asking!

  3. Dianne

    Okay thanks. That actually helped. There’s a treadmill in the house so I started walking fast on it and jogging for a bit. Hehe, it wasn’t long but it sure was hard. My thigh muscles are aching and I’m wonderig how I’m gonna muster up the strength to get to work tomorrow morning. I really do want to continue what I’ve started though. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

    • Real_makkoy Post author

      Hey Diane! How did is it going?!?! I’m glad you have the treadmill option. Keep pushing, it’s sooo worth it!


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