Really Hope He Comes Back…

There I am on the Stairmaster, I have to get through 25 minutes somehow so excuse me if dancing while hopping up the stairs to the beat gets me there. Haha. This gentleman comes up on the Stairmaster next to me, he entered his settings and began putting in his work. He lasted about 10 minutes; then exhausted, he got off and left. As he walked away I thought to myself “I really hope he comes back soon”.


Today, I looked like the hare and him, the turtle; but here is the truth… When I started working on my stamina and endurance a month ago, I got on the stair master and had it on level 4, This was probably a tad slower than he had it today. I struggled and lasted about 20 minutes; when I was done, I was glad I made it through and knew it was a nice challenge for my body.

From that day, I decided, that every time I got on the Stairmaster, I would go up one level from the last time. Each time I got on, I felt like I was at my limit and knew there was no way I could get my body to work any harder. But somehow, I would make it through and feel so good, then the next time I increased the level, the thoughts started over… “This is my limit; I can’t possibly do any more”.


So today when I was hopping away at level 13, I was pleased. See, the body is pretty impressive and has a hell of an ego. It never wants to be outdone but it’s up to you to push it. If you give up, then hey, but if you keep going, your body actually adapts to meet your demands and builds its endurance. Your mind tells you over and over that you can’t but your body will push through if you let it. Basically, the more you impose on it, the more it adapts to ensure it meets your needs and the more you improve.

So again I thought “I really hope he comes back soon” because you get better each time you try a little harder. As long as you work with proper progression- meaning you are not doing too much too soon, you will improve and see the results you want. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel any way. They paid their dues and you can get there too. Get yours in! And let’s do this. Start now, so that you can be better by tomorrow.


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