Stress Can Kill… Save a Life

I was at a health fair. A lady in her booth was talking to a customer… “Do you know that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, even before any type of cancer? And do you know that stress is the leading cause of heart disease?!”

I was confused. Stress? Now she had my attention. She continued “Men handle stress so much better than women. When they are stressed, they know it and they find a way to deal with it. Women on the other hand get used to being stressed. Feeling stress becomes normal, so we brush it off and keep it moving”

Hmmm… interesting and it only got better “You see, the highest concentration of nerve endings are in your hands and feet so when you feel stressed there is something so simple you can do that could save your life” as soon as I heard this, I almost lost interest.. This is where their marketing strategy comes in. Now they want to sell you something… ok how much?


“Just grab some lotion, put some on in the center of your palm. Massage from the center of your palm and pull it up to the tip of each finger. You will notice that you will feel more relaxed. Repeat on your other hand and do it as often as you need to… For your feet, put some lotion on the bottom of your feet and roll it over a tennis ball” I was amazed, no sell? Just lotion? I was having a particularly long day so I got some of her lotion and tried it out. It felt great and helped me calm down.

In closing she said “It’s so simple… Share with someone and you could save a life” so I thought of you. I did some research and it turns out that there are nerve endings in the hands and feet that correspond to all parts of the body including organs and glands. So massaging them does help relax the body. So give it a try whenever you need to and it works on men tooJ. You can switch cars, but you only get one body… be sure to take care of it. Have a great night!

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