She Who Laughs Last

A few years ago Mum and I were in my room in Dallas, or maybe we were in her room in Lagos? All I remember is we were making someone’s bed and one of us had just come into town. We were both so excited to see each other and were chatting up a storm trying to catch up on everything we had missed over the phone.

Jokes here, laughs there, a bunch of “Mummy you won’t believe it!” And some “Meiiinnnnn Moren!” My mother loves to gist… Ok me too. Lol. But it’s gist, not gossip so we were just talking about a bunch about stuff that had happened to us…. It was awesome.

In all that chit chat, we started talking about fitness and bodies. She may have said something about working out but somehow she broke out into this joke… “Well, you have never had a flat stomach, so Ife can’t complain” LMAO. It was hilarious. It was such a good punch line, I was rolling! You know one of those jokes you laugh at so hard but a few hours later you are like “dang, that sucks cause it’s true”? Yup! My thoughts exactly

 Even when I tried to pull it in.. That pouch was no joke! lol

Well at that point, I had settled for it. This was how I was built. My lower belly had a little pouch that I had no control over. Note that I said “little pouch” to make it sound somewhat cute but believe me there was nothing cute about it. Lol. Sucking in my belly just controlled this one line in my mid-section that pronounced the definition of the pouch. But hey, that was me… Hate it or love it.

Fast forward to December 2013, Makkoy was 5 months in and in full effect. That last week of the year, my whole family was in Dallas for the holidays. It was amazing! 11 people in the house and we had a blast! By the 2nd day in the New Year, everyone started trickling out and eventually only mum was left for a couple days.

That day, Ife already left for work. I was getting dressed when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. “Hey Mum, come in”. I had on some dress pants and a bra (bear with me, there’s a reason for this detail. lol) Anyway, She came in and we soon kept talking as I did my makeup.

Suddenly she goes “OMG Moren, I can’t believe it, ah ahn, your belly is flat!”… I laughed “Thanks mum” then I kept talking when suddenly she pokes my abs in amazement “Wow Moren, even your clothes hide it. Makkoy is really working! Wow I want that” She went on and on. My head got so big; I could barely contain it without bursting into dance. After the conversation, of course I remembered her awesome joke from 3 years ago and thought “oooooh I’m going to have a field day writing about this one!” lol.

See the body is not rocket science. It really is as simple as I have highlighted over and over again. Calories, exercise and balanced diets- Asin being conscious that our calories are from foods that cater to the body’s needs. What is so important to me and so important in the Makkoy journey is accomplishing all this with no pressure. So you’re not going to catch me obsessing about any of it but understanding how the decisions you make affect your body is crucial to getting fit and ensuring you are not wasting effort.

So at what point are you in your journey? Don’t go crazy trying to get fit, learn how your body really works and make better decisions based on your learnings.The results are priceless! And as always, reach out if there is any way I can support you! Let’s do this!!!


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2 thoughts on “She Who Laughs Last

  1. Abimbola Akinwusi

    Great read!
    I guess since I’ve had my “pouch” for a long while and after having my son, I’ve kinda accepted the pouch as the norm. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Looks like with more dedication, I might actually be able to get the flat belly I never had even after having a baby.

  2. Folake aina

    Omg. Moreeeeeen! Spilling out all our girl talk. Lololo. Believe me and I’m not patronizing you.. I couldn’t believe it when I saw your flat stomach. That really made me begin to take Makkoy seriously. It’s amazing. I need to start using my weights though. But since I started swimming I was wondering if that was all I needed in terms of workout. What do you think


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