The Water Bandwagon

I have never been sold on the water ordeal. Many times I have tried to increase my water intake but it just feels like I am going through the motions. Usually, My main and most annoying experience? Going to the restroom every 5 minutes! It drives me nuts and it’s usually my first step to ditching the bottle.

Since Makkoy, I decided to switch my drinks to water with lemons/lime. It made sense, zero calories, easy switch, so why not? It still was not that much since the recommended daily intake is at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day (1.9 liters). But making that switch was a start.


Earlier this week, I felt a horrible cold/flu coming on. My sinuses were so painful, breathing was difficult and the misery was building up. I had been using Alka-Seltzer and Nyquil for a couple days but it was only getting worse, so I decided to stop using them and patiently wait for the cold to worsen then pass. While waiting for my doom, I saw this pretty cool looking 1 liter water bottle at the grocery store and bought it. I got home, filled it up ¾ ways with cold water, topped it off with some warm water and added some lemon juice to it for taste.

I got in my bed, turned on the TV and placed it on my night stand. Somewhere between back to back episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”, I realized the bottle was empty. I was impressed and before I knew it, I was fast asleep. The real shocker came in the morning. I woke up that day and every sign of the cold and sinus pains had vanished. I was amazed. No flipping way! Not Nyquil, not Alka-Seltzer, but water?!?! Do you know how many colds I have had in the last 6 months… Really? Water??


See, Water basically runs the body… It helps the kidney in removing waste, regulates the body’s temperature and helps lubricate joints. It even helps with breathing and helps the brain with energy generation (so if you are not feeling too sharp. Lol). I mean 50-75% of the body is made of water so the benefits of replenishing it are simply endless.

Honestly, it took this personal experience to make me a true believer but don’t wait for one to jump on the water bandwagon. The only outcome of this is winning; and l I guess the restroom runs but for what you get, it’s so worth it 😉 I have learned that being ignorant doesn’t stop life from happening, so take care of your body… Drink water, I do now 😀

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One thought on “The Water Bandwagon

  1. Abi Adebajo

    Water can be refreshing once you get used to drinking. I always remember to drink up when my lips become extra dry. I will definitely keep it in mind next time I feel a cold comin up!!!


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