Want to Lose Weight? Start Here!

Happy New Year!! Don’t you just love the fresh dose of hope to accomplish everything. For most people, the new year was the deadline… They went through the holidays thinking “I’m going to eat my heart out now but once 2017 rolls in, i’m ready!!” Haha

The thing about fitness is there are many superficial things you can do to make yourself feel good in the moment. Like if you spend time at the gym each day or choose to cut out carbs and maybe reduce your salt intake you will feel awesome. Each time you stick to it, you feel like you are winning but if over a period of time all the hardwork is not yielding results you get deflated and lose hope.

So let’s remove pointless activity and start with the most crucial piece of the puzzle to get fit and lose weight… food

Yes you heard me right, for a couple weeks, put the gym memberships on hold and instead of a milion rules on what to eat and what not to eat, understand how you eat right now. How much are you eating? how frequently are you eating? What kind of foods do you enjoy? Read the labels and figure how many portions you actually eat. so for instance, serve your regular plate of rice with a measuring cup, then look on the label to see if you are eating 3x, 4x or 5x the portion size.

This understanding is crucial to help you make changes later. We will dive deeper into the important food groups and  their needs over the next few posts and the next steps to take. Fitness is simple. Let’s do this!

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