Misery- No Company

I was at the spa for another dose of “Keep calm, life is awesome”. Every so often life just has too much sh*& going on. It had been a few weeks where the to-do list seemed longer than the hours in each day. From client meetings, to getting reports in on time and remembering to buy diapers and milk while making time to invest in important relationships. Ugh. All week, I made no time to work out. I went for a walk once and that was about it. I had had enough trying to get life in order and it was time for some me time… some “It’s ok to be selfish” time.

So I’m at the spa, getting several sticks stuck up my a$$ gradually pulled out. Lol. I think that that was so hilarious. Haha. Anyway, Hubby had been out of town and I was so looking forward to seeing him. The plan was for me to spend some time at the spa and he would pick me up on his way home. I was super relaxed. All my muscles were in chill mode and I could finally think straight. As I glanced over at the time, I realized I had about an hour left so I went in to take a shower and look good for my man 😉

I was in the women’s locker room which is a nude area. As I walked to my locker with a little towel covering my goodies, I saw a lady who made me think “Shoooo if she’s allowed to be naked then I’m definitely a VS model”. I knowww, so wrong! But hey, I thought it. Then I turned the corner to the section my locker was located and saw another lady that made me think “Shiiiiii, calm down. Now that’s what a VS model looks like” I laughed at myself in my head. “Dude, you’re the fitness coach you know it’s easy” I thought as I smiled at the little conversation I was having with myself.

I totally get it. Life can be challenging. And when it gets tough, taking care of you can easily be the first thing that hits the chopping block. Maintaining weight is easy. You just have to not over-do it and you are straight. But losing weight? It’s simple but you need to put in the work. So when most people feel like they are exhausted and need to cut things out, working out time and eating well takes the hit.

But here is the truth… All that cash or the career/business all mean nothing without good health. The quality time with those you love and the great memories you want to build will be short lived without your health. So join me in rethinking priorities. I’ve been off for a few weeks. You may be in similar shoes or may have never ever gotten a handle on your fitness. Either way let’s recommit. Understand that your health is priority and that by doing so you actually are more productive in every other area of your life. So don’t feel sorry for yourself. Let’s ditch misery and just do this. Fitness is simple!


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