What it’s All About

I woke up that morning from a bunch of kisses to my face. I knew that was love right there cause I am not the cutest when I’m asleep. Lol “Good morning babe, time to pray”. As I pulled the blanket off and dragged myself out of bed, I felt a slight ache in my abs, followed by muscle aches down my arms and finally an amazing sense of accomplishment. It had been a minute since I had the pleasure of what I call the healthy ache.

See, my girlfriend’s birthday was coming up and so the day before we all went zip lining. I walked in super confident. Scared of height but since I had done it a few times before I was over there encouraging the girls “Look, if I can do it, you sure can. You don’t even feel like you are that high up. The trees are right under you and it’s just an awesome experience”

As I was speaking, I got a glimpse of a kid hanging on to a rope and swinging to the next rope “Whaaa daa hecckk” I thought to myself. I turned to the guide, “Wait is this part of what you are calling zip lining?” … “Yes”. I turned to the girls “Ummm, Loves, I’m not sure about this one oh. The one I know, you just slide from tree to tree” My comment wasn’t really helpful but shooo now I was now scared too. Haha!

It turned out to be the most awesome obstacle course with a few zip lines thrown in the mix. I was so amazed by my body in action. The ease with which my upper body strength played a part and my legs were able to support my weight gave me joy. In that moment I realized “This is what it’s all about”. Simply seeing your body do things you know it could never have done in the past. Some friends joked “Of course, Moren got this”  The truth is that I have never been a physical person but your body will do what you teach it to over time.

For most people, we just want to easily do basic things like go upstairs without dying or pick up the groceries without having a heart attack. Lol Seriously, even playing with the kids and keeping up is a big deal and of course feeling confident while rocking a bathing suit is the cherry on top(Probably the main course for many folks too 😉 )

So if you are trying to figure out where to start, keep calm and don’t get dramatic. Start with food then eventually add exercise. Make little changes where you can afford them. To see results, you just need to consistently be doing better than you were yesterday. YOU are the standard. So make it happen as you please. Let’s do this!

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