Calm Down And Refocus!

So for a while I had been thinking of how to get Makkoy out there. I had a good following and was encouraged. This is great info; people enjoy reading this and are learning from it so how do I get it to more people. I called my aunt who has been a mentor in this process… And she goes “Moren, don’t worry about that now, focus on your journey, when you have something good, nothing can hide it”

I gave it a few weeks but over ambitious me was not having it. I thought to myself I just need to get a promotion out there. You see, the quest for a better following was not to get famous or popular, for me, it was just encouraging. I had put in so much work into it and I felt it was about time.

Anywho, I put together this awesome promotion in my mind. I actually put it up today. Enter to win $50 if you repost, follow and tag your favorite Makkoy post. It was genius. It had to work. People were going to jump on it once it was out. Ha! I could not have been further from the truth. I was so bummed out! 6 hours later, I had 1 new subscription. Lol. I was confused and wondered if the work I was putting in was even worth it? I definitely had an hour of down time reconsidering what I was doing.

Welcome to Makkoy

Then I got 2 very special messages. The first was from my awesome cousin Nekksi (She’s married now, but her nickname remains! lol) She went on and on about how much she loved the blog and how inspiring it was. The other was from a close girlfriend, Marista… She sent me a picture of her progress and another message that said “You’re such an inspiration, Moren” Right then it clicked. It’s not about having a million people see it… It’s about making a difference one person at a time

This journey is not easy. The longer you spend working on your lifestyle, the more you realize its challenging and you never quite have a grasp on it. There are those days when you want to eat anything and you don’t feel like thinking of nutrients or abs or 6 packs. You just want to be. And it takes that extra push or that word of encouragement or simply not feeling judged to help move you forward. That’s what Makkoy is here for.

The promotion is on till Friday but now I am at peace if that one person wins. Hey, you could still win it so give it a shot but thank you all for helping me calm down and refocus. Feel free to reach out when you need a little nudge or have a question! Major lesson learned 🙂 Good night!

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