Workout session 3


I was on the phone with my sis-in-law..Bolu. She had seen one of my sessions.. “Wow, Moren, you are looking good oh. As I watched it, I just wish the work you were putting in could transfer to me” Lol.

Before my trainer, there were many times I wanted to workout, either at the gym or at home but I had no clue what to do or where to start. Hopefully this helps eliminate some of those questions for you. When I repeat these at home, I don’t make each workout an event or a big deal. Sometimes I do them randomly, like when i’m watching TV, or right before I go to bed  or hop in the shower. So don’t feel the need to always be at the gym or outdoors. Lifestyle. not crash diet! Let’s do this! Enjoy

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One thought on “Workout session 3

  1. Marista

    Look Amazing. These days since returning to work i have less time to work out, I could defintely use these in between errands.


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