How does deep frying affect calories??

I have always been cautious on my fitness journey to only make changes that make sense to me. It is so easy to get lost and confused listening to a million opinions on what is healthy or not. The interesting thing about most people’s opinions is that they are not always personal; most times they are usually unknowingly drawn from some heavily funded marketing scheme.

When I found myself curious about why fried food is bad, I started doing some research. I looked all over and everyone just seemed to have these vague write-ups; research and more that basically said “it is hard to tell how calories are affected unless you know which food, what oil it is fried in and at what temperature”… My thoughts? Thanks for nothing! I mean, what are the chances that you checked the temperature of the oil??

Just as I was getting irritated by all the “no answers” I was getting I thought “How many calories are in olive oil” I had never even thought to pay attention to it… ever, so I looked it up and my mouth dropped – 120 calories.. not in the whole bottle, or in a cup… 120 calories in a table spoon! Wait what?!?! I just made some scrambled eggs, my guess was I used 2 table spoons and uhh, no I didn’t drain out any oil. I looked up others like canola and sunflower and they were about 124 as well.



Then I thought about whenI fry my plantains, it has so much oil that I usually put it in a paper towel to get some of it off, not because I am being healthy, just cause I don’t want it soggy. haha. but I know there is no way I get even half the oil out soo… How much really remains in it? a table spoon? more?

See like I have read, it is tough to say the real impact of frying on calories but just realizing how many calories I easily add to my food by soaking them in oil helps me put it in perspective.  As usual, learn your body and only make changes that make sense to you. You are too smart to let people sway you left and right. Start making better decisions for yourself today. your body will appreciate it.









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2 thoughts on “How does deep frying affect calories??

  1. Jewel Odeyemi

    Moren, It’s interesting because I recently checked out the calories in olive oil out of curiosity the other day and I was shovked. So much for being the healthiest oil – btw try baking ur plaintains and use the grill oven option if you want the dark option. It’s not the same but healthier lol. What exercises do you suggest for someone with a bad knee?

    • Real_makkoy Post author

      Hey dear! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Like you said the grilled plantain is an awesome idea but sheesh, it’s just not the same. Haha. Will give it a shot though. It just might be worth it. For the exercises so many people have that issue and don’t know what to do. There are so many options out there but here is one I particularly like.


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