One of the fun things about being married is learning another person. You grow up every day of your life being you and your approach to life just makes sense… it’s like “Duhh?? How else would you do it?” Then you meet this wonderful person, fall madly in love and somewhere along the way you realize that this person was genius enough to come up with a different way to do everything! Lol. That day, we went for an event at church and one of the coolest takeaways was “You are not right or wrong and neither is he. You are just different” I loved it!

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See, all our bodies follow the same basic principles so the act of balancing the math still stands… Calories burned> Calories eaten = weight loss. The main difference comes from how our bodies burn calories. We burn calories by just being alive, being active, working out and more. But the question is how much? This is the key difference between any 2 individuals and just like in a relationship, your body is not wrong compared to others… it is just different and understanding that is crucial.

This is the reason 2 people can do the exact same workouts, and eat the exact same things and see very different results. So it is important to ensure your journey is very personal. It should be all about you and what works for you and your body. Fitness is not a competition and understanding your own body takes the stress out of the process.

So stop comparing yourself to anyone else and know that you are amazing as you are. Your body is capable of anything you want but you will never accomplish your goals if you don’t take a step back and learnhow your body works. It’s not as complicated as they make it seem. Start with your food; learn how the body works, then pay attention to how YOUR body works. And if you need help building your lifestyle and learning your body, contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you. As usual, lifestyle, not crash diet! Let’s do this!

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