To Eat My Cake & Have It Too

“Excuse me Ms., we can’t allow you take that in, you can leave it with us until the end of your movie. I just got in trouble for letting someone through :(” I was bummed out as I was told I could not take my cheesecake into the movies with me. I knew better but this one day just seemed like the perfect day to indulge. I was by myself, excited about seeing this chick flick Ife didn’t want to see and the cheesecake, well, that just screamed my name as I walked passed the store and even though I tried, I couldn’t ignore it. Ugh, so I decided to go eat my Oreo Dream Extreme cheesecake then catch the next movie.


As I got down the escalator, there it was… my ticket to have my cheesecake and eat it too… Victoria secret… Don’t judge me! haha I could just see Ife shaking his head at me as I came up with this genius idea. I bought a few things and thought “I dare you to dig through my underwear!”  So wrong but this cheesecake had me wrapped around its fingers. I made it back up and the guy totally recognized me but was kind enough to smile and let me through. Haha.


Finally I had done all that work to get this thing here and it was time to reap the fruits of my labor… I pulled it out of the bag, but before my first bite I realized I had not looked up the calories… 1370 calories for one slice?!?! I was so pissed, for 1370 calories- each day I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with calories to spare. And one slice of cheesecake is what?? I had worked to hard to get dissappointed but such is life *sigh*. I had calories left for the day and figured I could afford about a quarter of it. I enjoyed every bite while it lasted, but as soon as I was done knew I could have been fine without it. Isn’t it funny that it’s when I am done that I realize. haha

I put myself on blast to say this… No matter how far you have come in your journey, you will always be faced with challenges. You never just become numb to bad decisions but you must consistently do your best to do what’s best for your body. It is not magic, instead you take care of yourself one decision at a time. So that day… my decision was 300 instead of 1370… What’s your decision today?

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2 thoughts on “To Eat My Cake & Have It Too

  1. Marista

    You never do get too advanced not to be faced with bad decisions…smh. So true. Just a day at a time.
    I lOVE THIS.
    I mean for what other reason would they allow a cheescakefactory next to the movies but to sneak it in.
    I do that with coldstones. Absolutely LOVE doing that.


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