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There I was, confused, I did not understand why I was standing in an athletic store. I had lived in Ohio for about 6 months, been to the mall a million times and had no clue this store even existed. See, Ife was in town, visiting from Dallas (yeah, back then he was just Ife not hubby. Haha) And as usual, we were having a blast when somehow, I found myself standing there, watching him so happily ask me which pair of shoes I liked.

At this point, I had never worked out a day in my life. I had found myself in embarrassing situations that indicated I had no athletic bone in me, but in my mind, I looked good and did not need to work out. It was sweet that Ife wanted to get me workout clothes and shoes, so eventually we decided on some, paid for them and were on our way.


As we rode back to my apartment, I couldn’t help but think “Why did this dude just buy me workout clothes?? Is he trying to call me fat?? How dare he!!!” Lmao. Such a chick. Just in case any guys didn’t catch that… workout clothes are never a good gift unless she asks for it! Lol. By the time we got back, those thoughts had transformed from thoughts to a conversation and gradually into an argument. He was confused… “Did I just spend my money on this chick and get grief for it???”.. Uhh yes! 😀

It took another 6 months before I actually wore those shoes and began my many failed attempts at fitness… Truth is, I had actually gained some weight and didn’t notice.. Ok I lie… I meant I had actually gained some weight and didn’t think anyone else noticed. Haha. 3 years later, those amazing pair of shoes have remained my favorite pair of workout shoes.

Getting fit can be challenging when you do not know what to do or where to start from. It gets even more annoying when you try what you think should work and don’t see any results. I know, I’ve been there too many times. It’s great to finally be in control of my fitness and to understand it enough that I am not stressed out by it. Fitness is not as complicated as they make it seem, so take a step back, learn how your body really works, then effectively build a healthy lifestyle and accomplish your fitness goals. Let’s do this!

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