God or Makkoy

I was sitting in church during Sunday service. As usual, service was awesome but even more importantly, it was the first day of my 3 day fast in the last few days of 2013. A very huge step for me. Starting Makkoy in August, I had learned a ton about my body and one of my major learnings was the body’s idea of starvation mode.

The way I understood it, I could easily compare the body to a self centered brat. Lol. When you feed it enough food or more, it trusts you. It uses what it needs and stores the rest as fat in the body for later. So balancing your calories and watching what you eat is trying to give it all the food it needs but just enough so that it does not store too much of it as fat.


on the other hand, when it doesn’t get the enough food, it goes into starvation mode. In this state, it manages the food it gets but once you start eating enough again, it starts storing more than it should as fat, just in case of another rainy day. (That’s why people lose weight on crazy diets and gain them quicker than they lost it once they are off the diet)

Knowing this, I avoided any opportunity to fast for a while and it was justified in my mind. I mean, how was I going to work out? Would my body have enough proteins to rebuild muscles and enough carbs for energy? Would I blow up after the fast because my body went into starvation mode? I had a million questions.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to realize that fasting was really for me not God. It was a way for me to grow spiritually and an opportunity to build my relationship with God. So my logic kicked in, well, even a 3 day fast is just 3 days. I would fast, get the benefits and be back to my regular routine before my body even noticed.

So back to Sunday service, this was the second major fast I had done since I started Makkoy and I was excited about it. Just as I thought I had it all figured out, the last announcement in church came through “In 2014, as a church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God will be doing a 100 day fast”


What?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me. 100 days, breaking at 6??? What?!?! I had to convince my self on 3 days… but 100?? I really struggled with the idea but as usual, I took a step back and took some time to ponder. See, I always talk about a lifestyle change and the deeper I dive into it, the more I realize that a sustainable lifestyle acknowledges the different aspects of my life and it is always evolving… From my fitness, to my family, to health and my spiritual life.

No doubt this 100 days will be a challenge, but I know God well enough to know that it will be more rewarding than I can imagine. It started on the 2nd and will be going until April 11th. I will keep you posted. So God or Makkoy? Really? How dare you ask! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “God or Makkoy

  1. Yosade

    So you may want to check with your pastor cos newly weds are excluded from it…but Ola and I are still deciding…lol

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