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I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Makkoy Fitness for my experience with their program.  Being a woman that has an array of experiences with or exposure to various fitness/diet plans, I began the program with the idea, “They probably won’t reveal to me anything in this program I haven’t’ already experienced in another.”  But It amazed me after going through the program how my awareness was heightened in the area of how I fuel my body and what was sustainable for me.
I think wrapping my mind around the concept of a “life” fitness plan was something that had to be ingrained in me:  the length of the program was a suitable duration to help me form that “fitness for life” mindset and be more confident about my continuation with improving my health and fitness even after the program.
Additionally, I can absolutely see an overall difference in my physique:  of course, I’m slimmer; and I feel great! All thanks to the Makkoy Fitness plan and my committing to it.  It had been a while since I experienced weight loss so that was just awesome. I also learned that If I fall off the wagon, I won’t despair because I know what it takes to get up again.  I have been empowered to take charge of my fitness.  I now have tools for life to maintain my health.  I am forever grateful for this experience and encourage everyone to try it out:  the knowledge you will gain will revolutionize your life!
Candace Cyrian


Essentially Makkoy fitness ignition program has been a journey of self -discovery. Indeed it is Fitness made simple…extremely simple. I’ve learned the dynamics of the relationship between food intake and weights loss, it sounds cliché’ but that’s the KEY. I’ve struggled with 7lbs in hopes of getting down to a weight goal, and NOW I can truly say I know exactly what to do to loose 7lbs and more if/when I so desire because I already did!. It’s not about being skinny, or not eating sweets because “it’s bad for you” the process has taught me that emphasis is not so much on the way you look but more about the way you feel, it’s all about being healthy, study your body, exercise self-control and great results are bound to follow. I enjoyed every step of it, and I’ve taken in information that is going to help me for years to come, thank you Makkoy, I am impressed with my results!!!

April Agboola


I never imagined that understanding fitness would become simple to me. As a matter of fact, I was so overwhelmed whenever I considered weight loss that I did not do anything substantial about it … that is, until I started with Makkoy. You see, I was one of those ‘skinny fat’ girls. A whopping 10 lbs had crept up on me over the course of 3 months and I did not notice this until I randomly weighed myself one day (I hardly weigh myself). I had no idea how to lose those pounds. My work schedule was unusual, hectic and not very conducive to a typical diet; I did not know where to start.

One day, I saw a before/after post by Makkoy on Instagram and left a half-hearted comment about needing to lose some weight. To my surprise, I got a quick response! The rest is history. At Makkoy, you get a coach that is knowledgeable, professional, and very understanding. Moren worked with me when I got very busy, when I travelled and even when I did not ‘play by the rules.’ By the end of my program, I felt happier, healthier and had a more defined figure. I’m also pretty confident that I can make fitness a lifestyle even though my program is over. I highly recommend Makkoy if you are looking to lose some weight or looking to improve your fitness. Awesome results!

Sijuola Odumabo

Ps. Siju did not want to put up a before and after pic. We respect her wishes 😀


Bally Akogun
A couple of months ago I got started with Makkoy, and I didn’t know what to expect. My initial thought was, “Do I really need this?”, “I’m sure if I concentrate, I can do this by myself”, but the truth was I never have. Today I am soo glad that I got on Makkoy. The program was so supportive, and informative to say the least. I gained a lot of knowledge about how different aspects of my lifestyle affect my body. I am now able to make sustainable choices that will leave my body in the shape that I determine is best. I will emphasize that Makkoy is NOT a crash course, or a magic pill, it is a means of empowering you to take your body under control, without crazy gimmicks, but just everyday choices.
The program was never over bearing, even when targets were not hit, course corrections were made, and we moved on; I call it the happy medium between a drill sergeant and a cheer leader. A lot of resources a made available that helped me keep track of my progress, as well as get fitness and diet ideas.

I got on Makkoy right after the birth of my 2nd child. The timing wasn’t the best, but I was reminded that there would never be an “ideal time”. In hind sight, I am really glad I got on Makkoy, and the only answer to when the right time is, is “NOW”


Marista Uman

For the first time, I’m in Control of my fitness

Take it from a former athlete, Makkoy is the easiest endeavor I’ve undergone to go down from size 10 to 6. And not just getting there, but STAYING there. And I could tell you that I’m healthier, more energetic… and all those other wholesome non-shallow things. But the truth is on top of that, I look pretty darn good! Like college days hot. My clothes fit like they are supposed to.

After 2 kids, I actually got in shape while I was on maternity leave. Every day I would let Insanity kick my behind for an hour so I lost some weight. But when reality set, I had 2 children, a full time job, Church and business obligations. I just didn’t have an hour for Insanity any more (quite frankly, I didn’t have the desire either…it does hurt) So naturally the lbs crept back and before I knew it I was a size 10. That’s when my introduction to Makkoy happened.   More From Marista

Makkoy didn’t come in and tell me to change anything in the first week, so I let my guard all the way down. I was a little skeptical though because I was bread to think only hard sweat and 160+ heart rate gets results. The program only gave me a tool to see my current situation as it were. The ignition program is self-motivated. When you know what you should be doing, and you have the tools to know how far you’re off, it’s much easier to bridge the gap. Simple as that. So after dropping some pounds without stepping foot in the gym, I decided to start working out at week 3 or 4. I have learned that it’s a journey.

Now that I have achieved my weight goal, my focus is not just on staying fit but on the quality of what I eat and the program gives you the tools you need. Makkoy is truly a lifelong journey. Most fitness programs are like giving a hungry man fish, Makkoy is teaching that hungry man to fish so he won’t starve again.

Just like we acquire knowledge and degrees to maintain our mental capacity, Makkoy is the degree I needed for my physical capacity.


The most important thing I learned is that fitness is not magic and it is not as complicated as they make it seem

The program is about understanding the way your body was designed to work and applying your knowledge to get results. Once I understood that, the rest was history.

Before Makkoy, I was under the impression that you couldn’t eat specific things to lose weight and I learned that was the biggest lie. I eat whatever I want but through the program l realized that some foods are better for your body than others and that was what made me change some of the foods I eat. Understanding! I do not stress about my weight anymore and I am at a point where my fitness just makes sense.

I am most concerned about leaving a healthy lifestyle legacy for my children and the Makkoy Program has taught me all I needed to know. It is a real paradigm shift and you won’t understand until you try it!!

Yosade Ologunde

My experience with Makkoy  has been phenomenal. I had tried everything else. Starvation diets, detox cleansing, No carbs, “organic diet” and everything in between. The Makkoy Program made me understand that my fitness was personal and I needed to understand my body and how it works.

What I loved most were the weekly feedback and access to information. I didn’t feel overwhelmed like I was with other things I had tried. Let’s just say I didn’t just learn how my body works, I also lost a whole dress size. Thank you Makkoy!!!!

Toyosi Akinsanya

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