I ran up the stairs, excited about putting up the information I had received from past Makkoy clients on to their Makkoy Experience. Hubby was in the studio working on some music with his friend and artist – Yemi-O. “Hey Babe, check out the Makkoy Client testimonial page! Sorry Yemi, can you just give him 2 seconds :D” Yemi was quiet for a second then chuckled “You are beaming; you said that like I have a choice. You look too excited for me to dare complain” We both laughed as Ife kept reading through the new testimonials.

He read through, asked a couple questions then went”Really cool! It’s so awesome that they have seen results.” Then as he got to the bottom of the page… there it was… my before & after picture. I could see it in his face that he had just seen something, but he didn’t say anything for a second… then the very next, he burst out laughing! “OMG babe! You look like you could be pregnant… Buaahaahha” I tried to keep a straight face for a second, but his laugh was contagious so I burst out laughing too. It was funny cause it was actually true. The next thing that happened was smartest thing I have heard a man say…

moren beforeafter

As Ife is laughing so hard, he turns the screen over to Yemi “Dude, Doesn’t she look like she could be pregnant???” Yemi smiles “ Ummm…she looks very blessed” LMAO! It was hilarious. We all started laughing then he continued “eyyy, there is never a right time to call a woman fat” lol. I walked out laughing and shaking my head as I told them “I am so writing a blog about this” lol

One of the cool things about being on your fitness journey is the sudden possibility to hear the truth without any feelings hurt. See, I am a big believer in loving yourself as you are right now. There is no point beating yourself up. If you are unfit, work on it, but don’t shoot yourself while you are in the process. The truth is, if you cannot appreciate yourself now, you just might never be able to. Loving yourself is not denial that you can be better or healthier but instead it is the source of peace of mind today before you reach your goals tomorrow.


That being said, it is pretty awesome to be able to look back and say, “Yup, that was me… but now this is me. I loved me so much then, but I love me even more now” Your fitness can literally change your life especially when you understand how your body actually works. From your health, to your ability to do regular daily tasks, looking good and feeling good. It is awesome! If you have not started your fitness journey, start today! And if you need some help, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to schedule some time to chat with you! Fitness is not complicated… When you understand it, it all makes sense. Have a lovely day!

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2 thoughts on ““YOU LOOK PREGNANT” :-/

  1. Folake Aina

    Omg lol. God really does have a sense of humour. Moren. Makkoy as we know now. At that stage… I mean the before picture…. I was so sure she had put on weight and I bugged the living hell out of her. Guess what she said “mum, you are the only one saying this. Everywhere I go , I get compliments. In the mall, people stop me to ask me if I’m a model . Hahahahaha. Now we really know what a real model looks like. We thank Makkoy for Makkoy


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