Unleash Your Sexy!

This weekend, I got invited to a girl’s night out with some amazing married ladies. The invite read “Hey ladies, This time we’re shaking things up!  We will spend 90 minutes learning how to strip tease!” Strip tease? Ok oh. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had been to a couple pole dancing classes in the past and they were fun but honestly too much work for me to take anything away from the class. haha

When I got there, Lisa, the instructor introduced herself and continued “ I would like everyone to introduce themselves, tell us what you think is the most sexy thing about  you and what makes you feel sexy” As we went around, each person seemed to have an answer to what makes you feel sexy… My husband, when I get dressed up, when I perform etc.  but when it came down to “what is sexy about you”… it was like “Ummmm… I’m not sure… I don’t think much of me is sexy” some ladies mentioned that having kids changed them enough to where there was no sexy, others seemed to just  know the things they didn’t like so much and then there was one or 2 that were just like bam! I’m just sexy! lol

group burlesque2

The music came on, nice, slow, sexy music and she began showing us really simple moves that were all about feeling yourself, going with the flow, appreciating every curve on your body and just straight up recognizing your sexy. The ladies started off, real giggly “Oh wow! Better check you out. hehe” and before I knew it, the ladies that walked in the door had vanished and some really fierce, sexy ladies were dancing next to me. And by the time the gloves and boas came into play, it was a wrap! haha


It was fascinating that something as seemingly simple as burlesque dancing could change a person’s perspective on themselves and their confidence. It was not about size, shape or color, just how simply amazing you are as you are. At the end of the class, she had each one of us perform and it was amazing! We had so much fun and the “oh I haven’t felt sexy in a long time” lady was looking like “Sexy is my middle name”… And the “well, since I became a mum, I don’t feel so good” had turned to “This body is amazing! I have a kid but I bet you can’t tell!”

group burlesque3

As I drove back home, I thought to myself “Wow, It’s all in the mind. None of us changed physically within the hour we were there. Not our make up or clothes but just the opinions in our minds. It’s not every day that you get to go have the Burlesque experience, but every day, you have the ability to paint who you are in your mind. Yes there are some curves you could do without but those don’t define or control who you are. So stop whining about everything you don’t like and love everything that makes you, you! So let’s get fit to improve the already amazing you rather than to change who you are. Let’s be real, if you can’t see that you are awesome… who will?

I had so much fun with Lisa that I would totally recommend her! Check her out and get more details at The Burlesque Experience Have a wonderful day! And remember unleashing your sexy starts in you r mind!



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