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For the first time, I’m in Control of my fitness

Take it from a former athlete, Makkoy is the easiest endeavor I’ve undergone to go down from size 10 to 6. And not just getting there, but STAYING there. And I could just tell you that I’m healthier, more energetic… and all those other wholesome non-shallow things. But the truth is, I look pretty darn good. Like college days hot. My clothes fit like they were intended to fit when I first saw it on the manikin.

After 2 kids, I actually got in shape while I was on maternity leave. Every day I would let Sean T kick my behind for an hour with Insanity so yes I lost some weight. But when reality set, I had 2 children, a full time job, Church and business obligations. I just didn’t have an hour for Insanity any longer (quite frankly, I didn’t even has the desire…it does hurt) So naturally the lbs crept back. Before I knew it I was a size 10.

That’s when my introduction to Makkoy happened.

Makkoy didn’t come in and tell change anything in the first week. So I let my guard all the way down (a little skeptical though because I’m bread to think only hard sweat and 160+ heart rate gets results). She only gave me a tool to see my current situation as it were.

Makkoy is self-motivated. When you know what you should be doing, and you have the tools to know how far you’re off, it’s easy to bridge the gap. Simple as that. So after dropping some pounds without stepping foot in the gym, I decided to start working out at week 3 or 4.

But I’ve learned that it’s a journey. So now I’ve achieved my weight goal, my focus is not just being fit but focusing on the quality of what I ingest. And again, the program gives you those tools. Makkoy is truly a lifelong journey. Most fitness programs are like giving a hungry man fish. Makkoy is teaching that hungry man to fish so he wouldn’t starve again.

Just like we acquire knowledge and degrees to maintain our mental capacity, Makkoy is the degree I needed for my physical capacity.

By Marista Umana

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**The lady in the image is not Marista


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