Good Girls – Chapter 11

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” there was a loud scream as I opened the door to my room. It sounded like 10 teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert but it was only one voice and of course it was Deremi. I joined in “Ahhhhhhh” now we are jumping up and down in the middle of my dorm room.

“Omg! He loves you!” Deremi screamed. “I know!” I responded and we both burst out laughing. I began taking off my shoes as I sat in my bed “why didn’t he just say all that when I spoke to him the first time?” I said then I went on to give Deremi every detail of what happened after she left. “You go babe!” she hailed me.

It certainly felt like a win to know that Jide wasn’t the abusive predator we thought he might be but at the same moment we quieted down knowing what the other was thinking – “So how did I get to Salem Park?”

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