Good Girls – Chapter 12

It was the perfect day to be on the beach. It was sunny with a cool breeze. We were several months removed from the incident and honestly, I rarely thought about it these days. I kept waiting for the news of a body being found to become public but it never did and by the next time we saw Chinwe, she had new tea like she never mentioned a body in the past. At some point I heard Hauwa’s parents had withdrawn her from Birming but there was no insight to why or where she went

I was laying on a lounger in a cute green bikini. I had my sunglasses on, a book in hand and the shade from the palm tree was just right. The ocean was rather calm as the water fell on itself landing against the beautiful white sand and producing the most soothing sounds.

“Hey Beautiful” I looked up to see Jide coming out of the clear blue water. “No, hey beautiful” I thought then blushed. It was a scene right out of Baywatch. Water dripping down his face to his perfectly crafted abs, the sun serving as his spotlight as his smile sent a warm sensation through me.

He leans over me, gently resting one arm on my hip, and the other placed on the lounger holding up his weight. He slowly goes in for a kiss as if to tease me, my mouth begging to taste his lips. I raise my body from the lounger to get closer to him, I can feel him when finally, he lands a kiss on my lips.

I trace my hands down the lines of his back as he kisses me deeply like each kiss is an intentional whisper of sweet nothings. Lost in the moment, we both want so much more – He reaches for both my hands, interlocks his fingers in mine then lifts them over my head and unto the lounger. It is just about to get good when we hear Ike from the distance “Guys! The boat is about to leave”.

We stop and chuckle as Jide runs his had over my face “I know I am the luckiest guy alive since I get to call you my girlfriend” He holds my hand to help me up and we walk over the deck to board the boat.

Pinch me! When did I become the girlfriend to the star soccer player heading for a boat party with all the coolest kids on campus!


“Good Morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well” Deremi said. “The best sleep I’ve had all month” her Dad replied. “Mum, should I order you some tea?” “That would be lovely” her Mum replied with a soft smile.

Her Mum had graduated top of her class and won every award possible in the Orthopedic field. She was a confident and soft-spoken woman – Without saying much, in any room she walked into, her presence was felt and due respect paid to her. By the time she met Justice Banwo, she was a force to be reckoned with and together they were the Power Couple you knew to watch out for.

She now owned Debanwo Orthopedics, a successful Orthopedic private practice chain that attracted patients from across the globe due to the level of skill and service they delivered.

Justice Banwo had built a solid reputation for himself. He was committed to public service and was known to be fully anti-corruption with a commitment to Justice. His cases were studied in law schools within the country as well as all over the world. His wisdom and knowledge of the law was unmatched, and he showed up like he knew it.

Deremi grew up not lacking a thing. They lived in the richest parts of town and owned vacation and investment properties all over the world. She had access to the best clothes, designers, jewelry, you name it. Perhaps when she was younger all the luxury meant a lot to her but as she got older, she felt the impact of having parents who were so busy that she never saw them.

She totally understood why and picked up their work ethic but when she was about 9 she snuggled up between her Mum and Dad “Daddy, Mummy… I am so grateful for how hard you work. Thank you for being a great example and for all the awesome toys I have” They both were paying close attention curious where her thought process was heading. She continued “I understand our lives are a bit different from the other kids so neither of you can drop me off from school or pick me up. I know my dance classes are right in the middle of Mums leadership meetings and that Ms. Stella is the best Nanny ever… but do you think we can find a way to spend some more time together?”

Mrs Banwo’s heart was broken and Justice Banwo didn’t have any words. They both just hugged her tight and said “OfCourse darling Deremi”. The next day her Mum and dad summoned her to their room “Summer break starts next month? Where would you like to go?” Without giving it a thought, Deremi yelled “Turkey!”

To her surprise, her parents took 3 weeks off that summer to spend time together as a family. They ate, laughed, shopped, went to the beach and saw all the kid attractions. It was incredible.” Since then, every summer Deremi picks anywhere in the world and they all spend a few weeks together, no distractions.

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