Good Girls – Chapter 2

I went back to my dorm room and sunk into my bed consumed by my thoughts and trying to jog my memory on the night before. I reached for my phone and I had 5 missed calls from Mum. Her 6th call was coming in and I knew she wasn’t going to stop till I picked up. “My darling! How was it? Why haven’t you called me yet? I was patiently waiting to hear from you but here we are” she laughed. With barely any room for my response, she continued “What did you wear? Ah send me pictures. Was he dressed nice? Tell me!”

I could hear the joy and excitement in her voice. Her only daughter just went on her first date and she wanted all the details. Last week when I told her about Jide asking me on a date, I shared that he was on the soccer team. 5 minutes after we hung up, she sent me a photo of the soccer team that she obviously pulled from the school website – “Which one is he?” She asked. I love the relationship we have; she has always been my sounding board and cheerleader.

“Hey Mama” my voice came off weak and confused just like I felt. “You ok, love?” I wasn’t ready to tell all, so I cleared my throat and tried again “Oh yes Mum! Just been laying down. It was actually great. I was super nervous at first but he was such a gentleman. I was wearing the black dress with the stones wrapped around the sleeves. I looked great. He picked me up right on time. Went to dinner at Pearla’s – the white tablecloth restaurant close to campus. The food was delicious and the conversation was great. Cheers to a great first date”

“Aww Teni, I’m so glad to hear that. Hope he didn’t try to cup a feel” I forced out a chuckle “Oh stop it Mum”. She laughed then continued on to tell me that She and Dad would be going to visit Mayowa, my younger brother in boarding house. She asked if I had talked to my big brother- Dare and told me how happy she was that he got a promotion. I was mostly listening when I heard dad’s voice in the background “Hey baby girl” – My heart smiled even through my sadness “Hey Daddy!” I figured he was just walking by so I said “love you!” Now a little further out I heard him respond “Love you too baby.”

Mum and I talked a bit longer, then I found an excuse to wrap up the conversation and resumed my failing attempts to piece the night together.

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