Good Girls – Chapter 3

I was sitting in my calc 1 class when I finally got the nerve to text him “Hey Jide…”

Prior to him asking me on a date, we had just exchanged looks in the hallway. I was honestly shocked when he came up to me and introduced himself. It seemed like his friends were watching and teasing from the distance. I was sitting at the blueberry commons wearing high-waisted jeans and a tank top. He walked over to me, smiled and said “Hey there, I’m Jide”, “Hey, I’m Teni” I responded

“I know” he said sheepishly “I have heard a lot of great things and wanted to get to know you for myself.” I was confused! Heard about me from where? I was that girl; I know I am pretty if I may say so myself but I kept a very low profile and honestly, I am as easy to forget as they come.

It took all in me to respond “Is that right? Well good for you. I’m a good one too know” He chuckled like he wasn’t expecting the confidence. “Can I take you out to dinner on Saturday?” He responded. “That would be great- let me give you my number.” He texted me that evening, we confirmed a time for dinner and that he would pick me up.

So while I sit here pretending to hear my Calc professor, I’m not sure how responsive I should expect him to be. Outside of asking me on a date, confirming the pickup time and leaving me alone on a park bench, I realize I really don’t know this dude but here I am desperately waiting for a response that never comes.

Finally, I feel my phone vibrate. I jump to get it out of my pocket hoping his message dives right in and gives me the clarity I need, instead it’s Deremi – “What did he say???” I hiss and ignore her message.

Reaching, I open up Instagram hoping for clues. I don’t follow him and I am not even sure what his handle is. In my head, I’m thinking “When did you become the cyber stalking chic” but hey I’m desperate.

I start with Chioma’s page. She is the head of the Student Union but somehow doubles as one of the most popular girls in school. I scroll down and there it is, A photo of the soccer team and dead in the middle is Jide. She tags him and his profile is public so now I am lurking, trying to make sure I leave no indication that I was here.

Gush he is gorgeous – focus Teni! I think to myself. His profile is pretty obscure. Gives you enough for you to know he is a cool kid doing cool stuff but it really doesn’t tell you much. It has been 3 hours since my text and still nothing. I get off my phone and aimlessly start walking around campus hoping to run into him.

Another message from Deremi comes in “Teni, anything? I’m dying” I respond “Right there with you, I text him but he hasn’t responded yet”

Then another message comes in, relieved I see it’s a message from him “Who’s this?”. Oh no he didn’t just hit me with the Who’s this. How dare him! I am fuming. I can’t find the words or type fast enough what I get out is “Really? Teni. Where are you? Need to talk to you.”

Took him 30 minutes to respond. “Oh hey, sorry new phone. Sure. Meet me at Cambridge Hall?” Me – “I’m on my way.”

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