Good Girls – Chapter 4

My heart is beating fast. Brain is running through all kinds of scenarios. Did this idiot just pretend he didn’t know my number. Gush I am so mad. I am heavy in my emotions when it clicks – how is this conversation going to go? He was so casual in his text like he didn’t just drug me, leave me on a park bench and maybe even take advantage of me. Oh goodness, I dial Deremi’s number on my way to Cambridge hall

“Girl he text me Who’s this” “No way!” Deremi yells. “He just asked me to meet him at Cambridge Hall, what do I say to him. “Easy, tell him you went to the cops and you are giving him a chance to tell the truth before you officially press charges” Deremi! Wouldn’t that just freak him out and still keep me in the dark. I am going to play it cool and see what he has to say

When I get to Cambridge hall he is seating with 2 of his friends that I don’t know. “Hey Teni, meet Jackson and Ike”. I acknowledge them but the look on my face says “Dude, seriously?” He smiles and walks with me.

“How are you doing Teni, forgive me for not reaching out. I lost my phone and didn’t have a way to reach you. “well that’s convenient” I responded. He smiled and ignored me as he continued “How’s your day going, I remember you said you have a test coming up on Friday. Are you ready for it?”

I was stunned “Jide are you really out here talking about my test on Friday? How about the fact that you drugged me, what happened on Saturday?” He held up both his hands in disbelief “Whoa, relax Reni. Drugged you? Of course you knew those were thc gummies and willingly took them. Wow, what the heck? Thought we had a great time but this conversation is giving “Crazy””

“Don’t you dare call me crazy Jide! What did you do to me? How did I end up on the park bench? I need answers now!” Gush he is a great actor, the look in his eyes is utter confusion. He steps back from me like he thinks I’m crazy and he is in the scene of a scary movie. “Teni, are you Mad? Park bench? You are out of your mind. Loose my number” Then he walks away

I am in tears now, I don’t know what to believe. It makes no sense. I practically run out of Cambridge hall and find a corner in the library next door. I can’t complete a thought, I’m crying uncontrollably and wishing he never walked up to me that day. I call Deremi crying my eyes out, I can barely get the words out “He called me crazy and walked away. Even I almost believed him – Now I definitely can’t report this cause noone will believe me”

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