Good Girls – Chapter 7

We were now on our way to our computer architecture class. Deremi and I were chit chatting about nothing when I caught a glimpse of Jide. Clearly Deremi saw him too. While I immediately looked away, Deremi seemed to be staring him down, non-verbally communicating her disgust for him “Yup, that’s right, look away little boy”. “Gush Deremi, stop it” I pleaded.

“No! he can’t just get away with this and move on like nothing happened” She responded. We were now 2 weeks removed from that crazy night and I had a strong desire for normalcy. After class, we went to the Cambridge commons for lunch.

“Chinwe!” Deremi had spotted Chinwe entering Cambridge Hall. She waived her down, inviting her to join us for lunch. Chinwe smiled and mouthed from the distance “I’m coming, let me get my food”. Chinwe was a psychology major that we met our 2nd year at Birming. She was clearly an extrovert and forever curious. She always knew everyones gist and what was churning in the rumor mill.

“My girls!” Chinwe said as she found a spot on the table and gave us hugs. “I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in forever, how are y’all?” “Oh doing great” I said. We loved Chinwe but we both knew better than to share any details of our lives knowing it would become public knowledge through Chinwe.

She smiled and slowly looked up from her food at me “I hear someone went on a date with the star soccer player on campus”. I rolled my eyes “Goodness Chinwe, you haven’t even been seated 5 minutes” She laughs and responds “Girl, it’s not my fault, the good stuff just always finds me”. She continues to tell us that Ike, Jide’s friend is sleeping with his Music professor and Chinwe, the popular head of the Student Union has been turned down 2 summers in a row for the prestigious world bank internship. She lists out all the frat boys and who they are messing with, and all the failing relationships including any side chicks responsible for them. All this without a single prompt from either of us.

“Girls these campus streets are so messy” she laughs. Deremi and I are enjoying getting all the tea when Chinwe receives a message and has a morbid look on her face. “OMG, they just found a body in Salem Park. I don’t know who it is but I am worried it’s Hauwa, no one has seen her in a couple weeks.”

My eyes meet Deremi’s eyes and I know she is thinking the same thing “What The Fudge”. We both pull it together and respond before Chinwe notices the awkward pause. “Oh My God, A body? What do you mean a body?” I muster up. Even Chinwe was out of it, this was out of the norm. A dead student? Wow. We all sat quietly as we ate our lunch.

In the midst on the silence, I can’t help but process the information I just received. Hauwa has been missing for a couple of weeks, a body was found in Salem park – the same Salem Park where I woke up alone, with a torn shirt just about 2 weeks ago. Am I involved in this? I’m playing various scenarios out in my head but I have no facts or basis to fill in the blanks. I am spiraling, losing my mind when I let out a deep sigh.

Both Chinwe and Deremi looked up. It seemed like an appropriate response to the news of someone’s death but Deremi knew exactly what was going on. She looks at her watch “Oh mehn, Teni we need to get going. The study group is about to start”. I take a hint, “oh yeah”, I gather my things and give Chinwe a tight hug “I don’t even know how to process any of this. I am terrified and hope this isn’t real. Please keep us posted if you hear anything.”

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