Good Girl – Chapter 8

“Deremi! What the hell! Did I do this? Am I somehow linked to this? I am losing my mind. Let’s go to the authorities. Let me share what I know and maybe they can help fill in the blanks” My eyes are red; I want to cry but there are no tears. I am overcome with fear and guilt, I can’t explain it but I need to do something now or I will explode.

“Hey, hey, hey Teni, slow down. I need you to breathe in and out. We don’t know anything yet and it doesn’t make sense to add yourself to the mix when there is a good chance this is all a coincidence. Breathe and let’s figure out what to do next.”

I’m trying, but there is no air. I’m doing the motions but the more I breathe the more I seem to be out of air. Wait, am I hyperventilating? Gush, I think I am. Deremi is standing in front of me, rubbing both my arms, trying to get me to calm down. “Breathe with me” she says then she starts taking slow breaths in and out. I try to follow, in and out. It seems to be working. I am getting in the rhythm, the air fills my lungs, I’m now holding Teni’s hands as I gradually calm down.

“Teni, we need to talk to Jide and find out what happened that evening. I know you would rather avoid him but we are at a point where we really need to understand what happened. Don’t worry, I will approach him.”

I was so grateful for Deremi in that moment. She felt everything I was feeling and became the strength and reasoning I needed to move forward. She cleaned up my eyes laid me in my bed and told me she would be back in a few. We were supposed to be heading to our next class but neither of us was in the right mind space.

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