Good Girls – Chapter 9

At this point, Deremi could not stand Jide. He had brought chaos to the most easy-going person she had ever met. Teni was usually Deremi’s moral compass so honestly, it didn’t make sense to Deremi that she actually took the gummies.

“Was that my fault” Deremi thought to herself. “Right when she was leaving that night, I yelled don’t be a prune and take that stick out your butt” Teni laughed “Oh shut up Deremi, that stick has made me who I am today” we both laughed.

Now Deremi was in Williams Hall across from the library. There was a coffee shop in there and she had seen a few soccer players going in when she and Teni went to lunch. She hoped they might still be there but it would be even better if Jide was too.

When she walked in, Williams Hall smelled like fresh coffee beans with an air of freshly baked goods. There were students at most of the tables across Williams Hall. Some quietly enjoying their beverage of choice, others chit chatting and some studying.

She didn’t immediately see the soccer crew but there was a lot of chatter coming from behind a set of bookshelves directly behind the coffee shop. She walked over and immediately recognized Ike and Jackson but Jide was not in sight. They weren’t exactly pleased to see her but she asked anyway “Hey, where is Jide?”, “he went to the restroom, he should be right back” Jackson said. “Ok thanks”

She grabbed a table closer to the coffee shop and across from the men’s restroom. It felt a bit weird like she was clocking his bathroom time but she needed to get a hold of him. She couldn’t help but think he won’t feel that great if he walked out from a number 2 to catch her waiting on him, so she tilted her chair slightly away from the view of the restroom and focused on her phone. She figured this way she could keep an eye on when he comes out without making it awkward.

“Hey Jide”, There is a friendliness in her voice that completely throws him off. His face gives off his true reaction but he says “Hey Deremi, to what do I owe the pleasure?”. “Ugh, well played” She thought before responding “Hey do you have some time to talk? I’m not sure what happened between you and Teni, but something weird is going on and wanted to get your take” He looks slightly worried like he is thinking “what are these psychos up to now” rather than a guilty realization that he’s been caught. “Sure, I’m heading to class now but I’m free in an hour. Meet at Cambridge commons or Williams Hall?” “Williams Hall sounds good” I responded.

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