Good Girl – Chapter 8

“Deremi! What the hell! Did I do this? Am I somehow linked to this? I am losing my mind. Let’s go to the authorities. Let me share what I know and maybe they can help fill in the blanks” My eyes are red; I want to cry but there are Read More →

Good Girls – Chapter 7

We were now on our way to our computer architecture class. Deremi and I were chit chatting about nothing when I caught a glimpse of Jide. Clearly Deremi saw him too. While I immediately looked away, Deremi seemed to be staring him down, non-verbally communicating her disgust for him “Yup, Read More →

Good Girls – Chapter 6

Deremi barged into my dorm room like she always does with my spare key. “Hey Girl!” She says at the top of her lungs. How was dinner with Dare? I had text her when Dare picked me up for dinner so she wouldn’t wonder where I was. “It was all Read More →

Good Girls – Chapter 5

I was 7 years old at my parents 10-year anniversary party. The celebration was magical. You could smell the freshly cut flowers that made up the center piece at each table and the incredible flower backdrop. The decor was gorgeous – shades of pink and bling everywhere and the mood Read More →

Good Girls – Chapter 4

My heart is beating fast. Brain is running through all kinds of scenarios. Did this idiot just pretend he didn’t know my number. Gush I am so mad. I am heavy in my emotions when it clicks – how is this conversation going to go? He was so casual in Read More →